the Alberta SPCA Pet Safekeeping Program


How can the Pet Safekeeping Program help individuals escape domestic violence?

The Alberta SPCA conducted a study in 2012 and found that more than half of abused women who have animals reported that they delayed leaving because of their animals. Other findings found that 59% of abused women with animals were afraid to seek help out of concern for their animals and 85% of threats against animals were carried out.

As a result of this study, the Alberta SPCA created a pet safekeeping program. The Alberta SPCA’s pet safekeeping program offers temporary care for the pets of domestic violence victims who need to escape their abusive situations and have no other place for their pets.

The program has been operating since 2014 and the client feedback has been profound: “I needed to express how you have had a big part in changing my life, and only through a few emails and a phone call. There are people who are putting in so much effort and extending a hand to people they haven’t even seen, I didn’t have to struggle alone and I was able to find a huge amount of hope. I stayed with my partner for years because I didn’t want to leave my pets with him. I would have never left. Thank you for changing my life” – Pet Safekeeping Program Client

The Alberta SPCA Pet Safekeeping Program is accepting new agency partners and has expanded to new areas in the province. Clients can now access Alberta SPCA pet safekeeping services in Edmonton, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Strathcona, St Paul, Westlock, and Whitecourt.

Once accepted into the program, the pets are given veterinary checkups and vaccinations, any needed treatments and may be spayed or neutered if requested by their owner. The program is free of charge to all partner agencies and accepted clients.

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