Domestic Violence In the Workplace Project Team


“Workplace violence is the threatened, attempted or actual conduct of a person(s) against a worker – singular or repetitive and unwelcome in nature, in the context of his or her employment – that causes or is likely to cause harm to the worker’s physical or psychological well-being or dignity. It includes any threatening behavior which gives the worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she are at risk”. AHS Community Sector WPV-Working Group Definition

Focus on Workplace Response to Family Violence

 1. Increased Representation on the Project Team  Including, but not limited to, OH&S and HR representation from agencies and businesses
 2. Updating Resource/Research Package  Including:

  • Workplace costs associated with family violence
  • Research articles reflecting the importance of, and barriers to, protocol training
  • A standardized collection of relevant reference materials
  • Protocol templates and tools
 3. FV in the Workplace Protocol
  • Support FV in the Workplace Protocol Development with member agencies of CIAFV and other social agencies
  • Maintain linkages and support to Health Sector
4. Community Collaboration
  • Working collaboratively with initiatives in the community related to Fv in the Workplace
  • CIAFV Community Advocates Project Team
5. Workplace Protocols Launch of FV in the Workplace Protocol Implementation of FV in the Workplace Protocol Hosting a Lunch and LearnFocus Agencies: EAP/Occupational Health and Safety, CSS, YMCA, AHS, City of Edmonton, Businesses, Sheppelle FGI

  • Build relevant partnership/relationship
  • Link with ACWS and their workplace initiative
  • Develop training curriculum
  • Support standardized provincial process