Membership is open to non-profits, government departments, committees, and for-profits who agree to the Principles of Involvement of CIAFV. Membership plays a crucial role in the work that we do by providing us with the essential knowledge that is needed most in our communities so that we can facilitate dialogue and create last systemic change. The more unified voices we have, the ability to create change to benefit families and communities. CIAFV also offers individual membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Immediate Access to New Information and Ideas
  • Referrals and assistance from CIAFV staff to help you find the information you need.
  • Access to information and support to develop your agency family violence protocols/guidelines.
  • Connection to Edmonton and area professionals focusing on family violence issues.
  • Inclusion on CIAFV newsletter distribution list that includes resources, training opportunities and new anti-violence research.

Collaborative Opportunities

  • Monthly Meetings to network with other professionals, learn about opportunities for collaboration, discuss family violence and bullying related issues and increase your professional knowledge base.
  • Ability to join with other professionals on Project Teams/committees that are addressing family violence and bullying issues that affect clients.
  • Ability to connect with other Alberta Coordinated Community Responses to Family Violence through CIAFV.

Professional Training Opportunities

  • 50% or more discount on registration fees to CIAFV events and training opportunities.
  • Be the first to receive information on upcoming CIAFV training and events.
  • Receive information on other family violence training opportunities and events outside of CIAFV.

Membership Process

Membership applications will be received throughout the year. Prospective members will send in their membership payments to ALIGN, the fiscal agent for CIAFV. All approved applications will receive a receipt from ALIGN-CIAFV. A Community Partner membership directory will be developed and included on the CIAFV website. Fill out the application form here or email [email protected] for more information.

Prospective members must provide their written acknowledgment of and agreement to the following:

1) PURPOSE: Community Initiatives Against Family Violence (CIAFV) support the creation of a collaborative, coordinated, diverse, community response to family violence, strengthening our community’s capacity to advocate against, prevent and respond to family and intimate partner violence.

2) VISION: CIAFV supports Edmonton and Area communities to help families be safe and ultimately live free of family and intimate partner violence.

3) MISSION: Through innovative strategies, CIAFV supports a collaborative, coordinated, inclusive community response to strengthening our community’s capacity to take constructive action against family and intimate partner violence.

4) PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Community Initiative Against Family Violence (CIAFV) works collaboratively to enhance prevention efforts, to provide information and training to its members and the public about family and intimate partner violence. CIAFV supports communities through the sharing of best practices and available local resources to support individuals and families impacted by violence.

5) CIAFV Members Code of Conduct: We believe that collaboration among the agencies/organizations, community, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders of CIAFV is essential to attaining our strategic goals. To create a strong collaborative atmosphere that is both positive and valued, CIAFV expects the following of its membership:

 5.1) Members will always act with fairness, integrity and openness; respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical and mental ability, marital status, or political option.

 5.2) When expressing an opinion, members will demonstrate respect for each other and maintain a sincere openness to differing viewpoints. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the council.

 5.3) Council of Service Providers Agreement to Membership: To this end, CIAFV’s Council of Service Providers commits to promote and sustain an environment that is respectful and responsive.

1. We hold that the success of our initiative depends upon:

 Guaranteeing mutual respect is demonstrated by all parties.
 Fostering involvement, trust, respect, and open communication.
 Ensuring that our members and stakeholders are informed and involved.
 We are committed to providing visionary leadership that is based on best practice research.
 We value the contribution of all members to accomplish our goals.
 We are financially responsible and accountable.

2. To achieve the above the Council will:

 Nurture diversity and demonstrate a commitment to collaborative inclusiveness.
 Engage stakeholders early in the process of planning projects and policy development that involves them.
 Consider and respond to input from stakeholders in a timely manner, respecting all perspectives and insights.
 Promote ongoing dialogue by maintaining strong working relationships with our diverse stakeholders.
 Respect and encourage participation by ensuring that our communications and processes are clear and understandable.
 Think creatively and plan wisely using an engagement process and techniques that best fit the goals of the project.
 Develop strategies to achieve identified outcomes.
 Respond to changing needs by renegotiating both strategies and outcomes.
 Coordinate our activities to make the best use of time and effort.
 Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of our efforts.