Membership is open to non-profits, government departments, committees, and for-profits who agree to the Principles of Involvement of CIAFV. Membership plays a crucial role in the work that we do by providing us with the essential knowledge that is needed most in our communities so that we can facilitate dialogue and create last systemic change. The more unified voices we have, the ability to create change to benefit families and communities. CIAFV also offers individual membership, please contact [email protected] for more information.


Benefits of Membership

  • Immediate Access to New Information and Ideas
  • Referrals and assistance from CIAFV staff to help you find the information you need.
  • Access to information and support to develop your agency family violence protocols/guidelines.
  • Connection to Edmonton and area professionals focusing on family violence issues.
  • Inclusion on CIAFV newsletter distribution list that includes resources, training opportunities and new family violence and bullying research.

Collaborative Opportunities

  • Monthly Meetings to network with other professionals, learn about opportunities for collaboration, discuss family violence and bullying related issues and increase your professional knowledge base.
  • Ability to join with other professionals on Project Teams/committees that are addressing family violence and bullying issues that affect clients.
  • Ability to connect with other Alberta Coordinated Community Responses to Family Violence through CIAFV.

Professional Training Opportunities

  • 50% discount on registration fees to CIAFV events and training opportunities.
  • Be the first to receive information on upcoming CIAFV training and events.
  • Receive information on other family violence training opportunities and events outside of CIAFV.

Cost of Membership

Community Partner Membership is $200 and is assessed for a one year time period. Community Partner Members are not limited by the number of staff from their organization that can benefit from the membership. Government Ministries will apply by the department for membership. A prospective Partner may join CIAFV by submitting the completed application and full membership dues to the CIAFV office. All applications will be screened to ensure that the applying organization fits with the CIAFV mandate. When a receipt is issued, the Community Partner is considered to be in good standing. Note there are individual memberships available for $75, please contact [email protected] to learn more.

Membership Process

Membership applications will be received throughout the year. Prospective Community Partners will send in their membership applications to ALIGN for deposit into the CIAFV account. All approved applications will receive a receipt from ALIGN-CIAFV. Should concerns arise with respect to an application or an application out of Edmonton and area is received; these will be referred to the Leadership team for discussion and consultation. If the application is not approved, a letter from the CIAFV Co-chair will be sent to the applicant with a brief explanation.

A Community Partner membership directory will be developed and included on the CIAFV website. A contact list of all agency representatives will be sent through the CIAFV email list.

Fill out the application form here or email [email protected] for more information