Membership Benefits

CIAFV recognizes that members play a critical role in our ability to respond to family and intimate partner violence within the community. Members should feel engaged and see their membership’s impact on the community and those we seek to support and protect. Finally, members should feel connected to a wide network of resources and social support.

Getting the most out of your membership:

Become a Member

Keep your membership up to date
(renews annually).

Sign up for the newsletter

Read and share it with others in your agency.

Contribute content

Your agency’s events, new resources, trainings, workshops, job postings, and funding opportunities throughout the Province (broadly related to family violence).

Access free or discounted trainings, workshops, and courses

man standing in front of group of men

Register for training, participate, provide feedback and ideas for future sessions, and share your expertise by leading training opportunities!

people sitting on chair

Attend the members’ meetings, invite colleagues to attend, discuss sector issues and trends, and provide feedback and suggestions for topics.

woman placing sticky notes on wall

Share your ideas for system level advocacy with the Council of Service Providers

people seated in living room

Build connections, network with other members, talk about your program(s) and what you do and how can we help each other out. Collaborate on unique ways to fill in gaps and respond to client needs.

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