Women’s Parenting Circle

At Aboriginal Counseling Services Association

Wednesdays, 12:30 – 2:30

January 11 to March 29, 2017 (12 Weeks)

Do you want to be more confident as a parent and learn new parenting skills?  The Women’s Parenting Circle can help with both. You will also meet other women and share experiences and ideas about parenting. The facilitators also share information and encourage discussion.

In the parenting circle you will learn how to:

  • think before you react to frustrating situations
  • provide structure for your children that suits their ages and abilities
  • make sure your children feels loved and safe even when they have made a mistake
  • consider how a child’s ability to understand situations will be very different than how an adult would understand the same situation
  • teach children to problem-solve when conflicts arise so they learn to make good decisions as they grow up

Are you interested in attending the Women’s Parenting Circle? We will have registration appointments in November – December. At the appointment we can tell you more about the program, learn about your interests and help you decide if this is a good time to attend.

Please call Aboriginal Counseling at 780-448-0378 and ask the receptionist to book an appointment.  If you can only attend an evening group, please call reception and leave a message for one of the facilitators to call you back to discuss further.

Each session includes an opening and check in, presentations and discussion. It is important to attend all 12 sessions because each session builds on the one before.

The Women’s Parenting Circle is based on the Positive Discipline model and the idea that parents are teachers. Positive Discipline honours the rights of the child and was developed in Canada for the international organization Save the Children.