You Can Benefit

Hello Family and Community Support Colleagues:

We have launched You Can Benefit! Check out You Can Benefit


Please check out this easy to use, online tool that allows users to enter some basic information about themselves and find out which benefits programs might best meet their needs.  28 benefits are included; City of Edmonton benefits are the Leisure Access Program and Ride Transit Program.

There is growing evidence that supports the value of providing benefit screening for vulnerable populations and the impact on poverty reduction.  Mayor Don Iveson spoke at the launch yesterday and highlighted the connections to End Poverty Edmonton, and the potential opportunities for other organizations or cities to deploy and benefit from this cutting-edge tool.  Check it out on Global News (6:45) or read it about it:

Benefits are a reliable way that people experience poverty can increase income and access other benefits and subsidies related to health, childcare, house, recreation and many others.  Through the simplicity of design and content, You Can Benefit makes what often feels confusing and overwhelming, accessible.

Please help spread the news and feedback is welcome!

Postcards are available on PDF to share or if you need hard copies let us know and we will send them out! YCB Postcard